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Arnold came from Rochester area.

He belonged to someone who hoarded pigs.


Belle was surrendered to a humane society in Maryland. She wasn’t spayed and was too obese to be spayed safely. The “shelter” didn’t want to wait for her to lose weight to be spayed and were going to euthanize her.

She was less than 2 years old.


Gastonio came from North Carolina. His mother laid on him and the farmer thought he wouldn’t recover, so he was going to hit him over the head with a hammer.


Percy came from Long Island. He was a practical joke. He was dropped off in someone’s front yard.

He was only 4 weeks old.


Petey lived in an extremely dirty and dark barn that was infested with rats. He had never been outside. He was fed a ration that was meant for commercial hogs.

He was very obese.


Philip came from NJ. He and his friend Butch were strays. A woman found them under her dryer vent trying to stay warm.


He Pinky was underfed. Not anymore!


Ruby her mother and siblings were removed from farm by animal control. Very neglected.

Scarlett and Angel

Scarlett and Angel and their 2 siblings lost their mother shortly after birth. We bottle fed them. The 4 of them are so sweet.

Support our Pigs

Any donation amount goes a long way, and we accept contributions in honor of lost loved ones.

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