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Goats and Sheep


Carmel was being raised for meat along with other goats and sheep. She didn’t have shelter and was only fed every 5 days.


Conrad was in his mother’s womb when she was rescued from Massachusetts. Over 1,000 animals were removed from that farm for neglect and abuse. We had Conrad’s mother, but she had to be euthanized about a year ago because of cancer.


Julius came from NJ. A young couple had witnessed his birth and would come to visit him on a regular basis. Then they found out that he was being raised for meat. They had to buy him from the farmer to save his life. They had no where to keep him, so started reaching out to rescues.

Marty and Millie

Marty and Millie came with Joey and Dino. They are quite the rambunctious pair!


Rudy came with Moose. Every horse should have their own goat.

Sherman and Quincy

Sherman and Quincy were being raised for 4-H. They were at the local fair. The young girl who had entered them into the competition, decided at the last minute not to let them me sold for meat. They are characters. They are very nosy and manage to get into a lot of trouble.

Support our Goats and Sheep

Any donation amount goes a long way, and we accept contributions in honor of lost loved ones.

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