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Ducks and Geese

Andy Duck

Andy Duck came here when he was a fuzzy duckling. His siblings were eaten by snapping turtles.

Chilly Goose and Momma Duck

Chilly Goose ended up living on a river behind an office building. His mate had been killed by a fox. The office workers didn’t want anything bad to happen to him, so they called us.

Momma Duck was making a mess of people’s boats on a large tourist lake. The boat owners threatened to shoot her. Animal control brought her to us. Chilly Goose and Momma Duck are an item.

Helen and Mr. Duck

Helen was dropped off at a campground. She was a tiny duckling. Please don’t buy ducklings or chicks for Easter unless you plan on keeping them forever.

Mr. Duck is Momma Duck’s son. He was an “oops”. She laid an egg and hatched it out without us knowing.

Support our Ducks and Geese

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