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Our Animals

Welcome to the Barn!

As anyone who works with animals knows, every furry or feathered friend has a unique personality that you can’t help but adore. Each of our rescues come from a variety of backgrounds, but all of their stories share the outcome of finding a loving home here at our sanctuary. Read about our incredible residents below!

Life at the Barn

Every moment at Billy's is treasured. Enjoy these clips of our rescues in action!

Welcome Plum!

As Plum the pig arrives at her new home, she is greeted by Reba and her barn family.

Turkey Royalty

All hail Queen Rachel and King Dave!

Pigs Galore!

Madison, Wyatt, Arnold and others delight in a warm, sunny day.

Donate to Support our Animals

We deeply appreciate your financial support in our goal to provide the best care and resources for our rescues.

Any donation amount goes a long way, and we accept contributions in honor of lost loved ones.

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