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Binky and Rocky

Binky and Rocky were found with their mom as strays. A friend got them fixed and here they are. Living the perfect cat life.


Meow has been here forever.

She knows her own name and speaks it well.


Toph was found in the middle of highway by one of our volunteers. She thought he had been hit by a car and was dead, after seeing movement, she stopped and picked him up. After being examined by a veterinarian, we found out that he was dehydrated. He was given fluids and was good as new.


Wally showed up as a Tom Cat. He stuck around for 4 months. We told him he had to be neutered if he wanted to stay. So, off to the vet he went. Now, he is fat and lazy.

Support our Cats

We deeply appreciate your financial support in our goal to provide the best care and resources for our rescues.

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