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Chickens and Turkeys

Sammy and Matilda

Sammy was getting beat up by other roosters at his previous home. He is much happier here.

Matilda was dropped off at the local high school.

Dave and Rachel

Dave came from a family who had lots of chickens. Predators were killing the chickens and they didn't want that to happen to Dave. So, Dave came to live at Billy's. After of being the only turkey for 2 years, we found Rachel. She was going to be on someone's dinner table.

Henrietta and Red Roo

Henrietta was a stray.

Red Roo had a neighbor who didn’t appreciate his crowing and threatened to shoot him.

Support our Chickens and Turkeys

Your generous donations help provide feed, bedding, and veterinary care for our rescues, and also ensure that we are able to save more farm animals in need.

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